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Since our establishment in 1995 The Stress Management Institute has used Stress Management Therapy to help individual Clients to manage problems associated with stress, anxiety and panic. Over the past twenty five years working with Clients we have developed an effective online treatment for these difficulties.

As well as offering individual Stress Management Therapy, we are also the leading provider of Stress Management Training within the Public Sector in the United Kingdom and you can see on the left the Organisations that we have provided with Stress Management Training.

Stress Management Therapy

Stress Management Therapy is a home-based treatment that teaches individuals who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic and their related difficulties to manage these problems effectively. This therapy is designed to help you as rapidly as possible, so that you can get on with and enjoy your life without suffering from debilitating stress and anxiety.

Our Director, Maggie McCarthy, will personally supervise you throughout your therapy using email to communicate with you and to address your issues individually. Maggie offers eight sessions of Stress Management Therapy and will send you a personal email tailored to your unique situation with each session, together with suitable relaxation exercises, for you to download and listen to daily, plus relevant diagnostic, assessment and recording materials.

Before undertaking any therapy you should consult your General Practitioner to determine whether it is suitable for you.

Stress Management Therapy

Stress Management Therapy looks at the nature of stress and anxiety and we use Client assessment procedures and a Life Stress Inventory to help Maggie in beginning to understand your unique situation. We look at the causes and symptoms of stress and issues of muscular tension and muscular relaxation. Maggie will assess your strengths and weaknesses in coping with stress and your individual approach to your particular problem, together with your personal measures of change and whether or not depression is a contributing factor to your situation.

Maggie will help you to understand the role of the breath in Stress Management Therapy, looking at Hyperventilation and its treatment. Square Breathing, Three Part Breathing and The Complete Breath and further look at the development of bad breathing habits and their relationship to stress and physical illness. Maggie will teach you deep breathing and breath control and introduce you to a more relaxed breathing style.
There will be an assessment of your personality and risk of illness. Maggie will show you how you can use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in your daily life to manage stress and anxiety and help you to understand your negative thinking patterns, how to challenge them and replace them with more positive way of thinking. You will be introduced to Deepening Techniques in Relaxation Training. Maggie will also help you to understand the role of Problem Solving Therapy in the treatment of stress and anxiety. Maggie will teach you the use of Triggers in treating stress and introduce Time Management and its use as a treatment for stress. We will look at Autogenic Training and techniques of anchoring to positive thoughts and feelings. Maggie will introduce you to the use of Self-esteem Building as a treatment for stress and anxiety.

We will look at Issues of diet and exercise in stress and anxiety management and the use of dietary supplements in treating stress. We address Assertiveness training as a possible intervention

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